Art gallery


I am a 29 years old variety artist from Germany known as "dashase".

Developing a strong affection towards the process of creation in my early childhood, my life was always accompanied by my interest in art. After various jobs and a process of self-discovery, I decided to focus on my creative work a year ago to get back to what I love and to improve my skills.

Various artists around the world inspired me to learn to work with digital media as well as with traditional utensils and I also discovered my love to sculpt. Not restricting myself to a certain kind of art or material, I like to experiment and discover new areas.

I created this homepage to collect and share my ongoing work. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding my creations or this homepage, feel free to contact me via e-mail or send me a message on Twitter or Twitch.

Have a nice day!


- dashase, October 6, 2016